The death of blogging- A preventable decline?

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The digital age is constantly evolving .Today, with the advent of so many social media platforms to broadcast your thoughts to the world, blogging has become somewhat the neglected child-the one that didn’t catch up with the rest of the world.
As radical as this statement may be, the fundamental use of a blog was to pen down your thoughts, ideas, feelings about a certain topic-basically an online diary of your thoughts. Your readership did grow, and a steady amount of readers did stay loyal to every post that you penned. But not as many as today.
Although every blog is unique, different and gave each and every one of your readers an insight to what you felt in that point in time, people today would rather read a tweet-your wit and the ability to deliver a message in 144 characters. A YouTube video of Casey Neistat reviewing a first class airplane seat worth $21,000 is more engaging than a written account of every detail of the flight penned down on a blog. GIFs are flooding the internet, and relatable memes are replacing meaningful poems.

Patience is a virtue, and time is a luxury. A fast paced life does demand for a quicker and faster updated on everything. A tech savvy generation, would naturally lean towards technology as it the fastest medium to get information from. Which is why Infinity Reach was founded, as we believe in keeping up with the future.

If you are a blogger, and your readers are steadily declining- You might have not realized why your viewership has been declining rapidly. Technology is not to be blamed, but maximizing your efficiency when it comes to content will have a higher chance in yielding the results that you desire. SEO, placing banner advertisements, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, publishing your content on social media platforms would have a significant difference in the conventional medium of just publishing a post and hoping that it starts trending with just a few of the remaining readers that are there.
Spice up your content with humor. Humor is understood and appreciated by most people who read your blog posts. Thousands of GIFs and Memes are at your disposal to make what you’ve written a lot more appealing. Humor sells and stays in your reader’s head. People are going to remember the tune of the pen pineapple apple pen song a lot more than your thoughts about colonialism in the late 18th century, which brings me over to the next point on relevance.
Relevant content is very, very crucial in engaging your reader. A high bounce rate on your blog website isn’t a very appealing thing. Content is king, and that is one thing that one must remember when blogging. Blogging on trending topics, as well as topics that people are really interested in has a higher chance of your blog gaining more popularity. Not just that, a huge variety of pictures to illustrate does have a better chance of you engaging the reader to read the entire post- and the next one too.

Not just relevant content, but Search Engine Optimization or known as SEO plays a huge role in digital marketing. It involves placing certain keywords in your content in order to have a higher chance in coming up in the organic search results- something which Infinity Reach specializes in. Investing in a good digital marketing agency if you wish to be a full time blogger is essential in order to stay relevant and have more readers.

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. These are the 3 most popular social media sites today. Invest your time and effort in one of these websites and design relevant content- you will be surprised how easily one can monetize through these mediums. Breaking away from traditional blogging can also be a fantastic idea. Juggling both? Even better. Link up your blog to your social media platforms and the one thing that you can observe is that: Integration is key to relevance.
Finally, less is more. Studies have shown that people tend to avoid lengthy, long and redundantly wordy essays. Delivering your point in the least possible words is an art that one can transform into a skill. The same, or even more impact can be translated across in a few words. Sharpen this tool, and you will realize that the readers appreciate it too.

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