A conventional ad agency vs an in-house advertising team-What’s the difference?

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It’s safe to say that in today’s world, advertising is huge. Many major corporations spend a huge amount on advertising- because that’s what draws in the potential customers to want to buy the particular product. Crazy campaigns, such as Nike’s Just do it, or even Dove’s real beauty campaign hit the mark with delivering the message. But, have you ever wondered what goes behind an advertising agency that’s behind it?

Two of the most predominant agency structures that are there in any form of advertising are in-house agencies, as well as the conventional advertising agency. In this article, I’m going to be weighing the pros and cons of these two structures.

To put this across simply,an in-house advertising agency is owned by the company that owns it. That is, for e.g Nestle having it’s own advertising agency instead of outsourcing it’s advertising requirements. This in itself is a major advantage, as the agency can remain focused and dedicated to one particular client instead of dealing with multiple clients and their demands.

Next, in-house agencies have their own creative director, art directors, copywriters etc. Any department can just head down to the advertising department and directly communicate their requirements. Thus, this eliminates any sort of misunderstanding or miscommunication to a huge extent, as one doesn’t have to communicate to an external source. Everything is more or less integrated within the organization-which is a lot more convenient.

You don’t face the cut-throat competition that other advertising agencies have to face in the market. In fact, you’re pitching to only one client, that is your organization. This is going to make things a lot more easier for you. You can dedicate your time, resources and effort into creating the best possible campaign, or even a campaign that is well thought of without the worry or the strain of having other clients pressurize you for a certain quality of output.

Since you’re working within the organization that’s hiring you, you tend to feel a lot more connected to the organization. You don’t feel like you’re working for a organization on a project-by-project basis, but actually as someone who’s part of the company. This is going to wonders for the motivational levels for the employees that are there, as they don’t feel “disposable” and replaceable, as opposed to an advertising agency where they are contractually obliged to provide output.

Advertising agencies are agencies dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing in a promotion for its clients. In this particular context, we are talking about an external advertising agency.

Usually, an advertising agency is hired to fill in any creative gaps that the in-house team has, with respect to the creative ideas. Sometimes, a new and innovative perspective is required to switch things up. This, is where an external agency steps in!
You will get a lot more exposure in dealing with a whole assortment of clients, as well as working with different organizations. In fact, you’ll end up gaining a lot of experience that you wouldn’t get to learn from in you compare this structure with an in-house agency. There is no limitation to sticking with a particular organization, and variety is a great motivating tool at the end of the day to get you to produce your best possible output.

This brings me to my next point, stagnation. The biggest mistake one can make in their career is to stagnate and get comfortable-which has a huge chance of happening in an in-house agency. In an advertising agency, you can’t stagnate. Challenges and deadlines are thrown at you, and you’ll automatically feel motivated to learn and grow in terms of shaping your skill set. Not only do you feel a lot more productive- you end up being a lot more productive too!

Advertising agencies are a lot more flexible in terms of work ethic and the working environment. You’re not pressurized to sit in an office for a set number of hours, and feel like you’re pushed to do something for the heck of it-because you’re working in an office. You’re given the freedom to be in an office for as long as you want, as long as you’re meeting the deadlines and given and you’re producing the quality of output that’s required.

At the end of the day, it’s best to choose an environment that you know that you can be yourself and feel that you’re being productive. When you’re learning something new and growing in terms of experience as well as expanding your skill set-nothing can stop you from reaching the goal that you have in mind.

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